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About Me


I'm a Chicago based actor. I often play scholars, troublemakers, those touched by the uncanny, and the very lost.

(for proof, check out my resume below)


I use the actor's toolbox to help people in the medical and corporate worlds become better communicators. I also work as an academic advisor to help students in the visual arts make the most of their degrees.

I'm also a museum educator, complete with an MAT in museum education. I love object based learning - using the clues from a physical object to dig deep into its past and its relevance to current society.  In the museum world, I've designed and implemented programs working with all kinds of folks including probation programs, people with dementia, incarcerated youth, urban and rural schoolchildren and everyday visitors. 

Mischief Maker

I love old stories with good bones and telling those stories in unexpectedly satisfying ways. I am hungry to hear and tell the stories that haven't been told enough. I relish ensemble devised processes where the whole is more than the sum of its parts. I am most excited by work that engages all the senses and plays out beyond the stage. I thrive working with artists from a foundation of trust where uncertainty is the most delicious possibility.  I like cilantro shows where half the audience finds the piece delicious and then other half thinks it tastes like soap.  I like reading the first draft of your script and helping you with your monologue. 


My archetype is the librarian that is secretly a pirate.


photo credit: Bella Coelho

2010 - present
2010 - present

Photo credit: Ian McClaren



Height: 5"8                                                     Location: Chicago IL, 

Eye Color: Blue                                               EMC   

Hair Color: Auburn                                         SAG Eligible 


Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​

On Camera

QUIVER | Shayna Connelly | Project Bluelight


OTHER PEOPLE'S CHILDREN | Brad Riddell, Anna Hozian Web Series 

Mrs. Hester

THE PEEL | The Onion/|Clickhole


LUCY DREAMING  | The Black Ship Co.


PENNY YOUR THOUGHTS | Ziggy Chicano | short 


ROSES AND THORNS|  Daniel Willis| short 



A CHRISTMAS CAROL| The Goodman Theatre | Henry Wishcamper

Mrs. Crachit, Ortle, Crumb, others (understudy with performances)

CHRISTINA, THE GIRL KING | Cor Theatre  | Tosha Fowler

Maria Eleanora

LECHEROUS HONEY | Cock and Bull |Chris Garcia Peake

Helene Alving  

A CHRISTMAS CAROL| The Goodman Theatre | Henry Wishcamper

Mrs. Crachit, Ortle, Crumb, others (understudy with performances)

BASKERVILLE| Metropolis Performing Arts Centre | Xavier Custodio

Dr. Watson

NOISES OFF| Metropolis Performing Arts Centre | Joe Lehman 

Belinda Blair

CHRISTINA, THE GIRL KING | Cor Theatre  | Tosha Fowler

Maria Eleanora

LECHEROUS HONEY | Cock and Bull | Chris Garcia Peake

Helene Alving  


RICHARD III| Eclectic Full Contact| Natividad Uehara

Queen Elizabeth

THE UNFORTUNATES | SoloTheatre Chicago | Kurt Johns

Mary Jone Kelly (standby with performances)

THE UNFORTUNATES | Kitchen Theatre | Krista Scott

Mary Jane Kelly (originated role, Ithaca NY)

REQUEST CONCERT | The Side Project | Mary Ellen O’Hara

Ms. Rasch 

CURSED: AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY| BirchHouse | Lauren Fields, Janie Killips

Maria Eleanora

THE SEA | Theatre Mir | Jonathan Berry

Mafawnwy Price  

NAUTALINA | The Agency | Sommer Austin, Anna Lucero


STEEL MAGNOLIAS | Arc Theatre | Mark Thomas Boergers

Ouiser Bodreaux

VOYAGE | Cock and Bull | Chris Garcia Peake

Cousin Fred

HELLO FAILURE| The Side Project | Adam Webster


TOP GIRLS  | Arc Theatre | Mark Thomas Boergers

Isabella Bird/Mrs. Kidd                       

ROMEO AND JULIET | Muse of Fire | Jemma Alix Levy)


SPEAKING IN TONGUES |  Interrobang Theatre Project | Jeffry Stanton


MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING | Chicago dell’Arte | Nick Freed


PEER GYNT | Polarity Ensemble Theatre | Jeremy Wechsler

Woman in Green, Ensemble           

QUAKE | Buzz22 Chicago  | Sara Sawicki)

That Woman          

THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR | Arc Theatre | Mark Thomas Boergers

Host of the Garter           

HAMLET| DreamLogic Theatreworks | Scott McKinsey


WRONG MOUNTAIN |Rare Terra Theatre | Ian Streicher

Dr. Liebowitz, Miranda          

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE | DreamLogic | Scott McKinsey

Dr. Branom, ensemble         

On camera

QUIVER | short | Shayna Connelly


DISTANT LEARNERS | web series | Brad Riddell , Sandy Sternshein

The Provost

OTHER PEOPLE'S CHILDREN | web series |Anna Hozian, Brad Riddell 

Mrs. Hester

LUCY DREAMING | short | The Black Ship Co.



THE PEEL | web | The Onion/Clickhole


ROSES AND THORNS | short | Daniel Willis


PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS | short | Ziggy Chicano




Pass on the Good Stuff | regional TV/web | Rodeo Show

Ode to Retail | web commercial |Guy Bauer Productions

Bswift | commercial |Richter Studios

KFC | commercial | Onion Labs

Embassy Suites |web commercial| Dictionary Films by Y & R

Empire Today| television commercial | Empire Today

Voestalpine | web commercial | Voestalpine (German Steel Firm)

The Interview:Marcum LLC|National Commercial/web|Abe Zverow


A Very Fatal Murder | podcast | The Onion

Aczone 7.5% | demo |Abelson Taylor

West Suburban Bank  | radio and television | Filmontage

The Drone | short film |Ten Wing Films (Jason Huls, dir)

Citizen in the Temple |short film |Ten Wing Films (Jason Huls, dir)

Buddhist Art in Asia | handheld computer tour | Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell 

Training &

MFA in Acting | The Theatre School at DePaul

Second City | IO | UCB short and long form improv|

Jane Alderman | Matt Miller| On-Camera

Katherine Fitzmaurice  |5 day voice intensive

Special Skills
  • Dialects | RP | Cockney | Scottish| Northern Irish | French | Polish|

  • Basic combat | hand to hand | rapier dagger

  • Reads music| competent singer| basic piano

  • Long and short form Improv

  • Drivers license | Valid Passport

  • Near fluent in Danish |Reading knowledge of French | Some Polish

  • Bachelors in Social Anthropology, Cornell University

  • MAT in Museum Education | The George Washington University

Twisted Tales of Poe|Radio Play| Aston Rep/Aaron Mays

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